Southern Comfort food is my passion!

The joy I feel when someone takes their first taste, and looks up at me, and does that head shake is very rewarding.
I'm here to serve you all the dishes that both my grandmothers have taught me. I come from a family of cooks on both sides of my family. I have been cooking for so long and have now decided to embark on entrepreneurship and serve the public. The majority of my Facebook Family have had the experience of my grandmothers... Pauline Grant of Harlem, NY, born in Savannah, GA, and Jean English of Cantonment, FL, born in Greenville, AL. or you have had my cousin/sister's cooking (who I learned my Grandmother's secrets from) Bona, or my uncle Joe Mack (who affectionately teaches me grandmas secrets).
Many of my childhood friends have experienced my fathers' cooking. He started his small take-out restaurant in the Bronx in the early '70s, to pay his way through Medical School. If you know me, then you know I'm always feeding someone, something out of my pots. I'm a cook, not a chef...I cook from the soul and my food will comfort and take you back to your own grandmother's table.

I'm originally born and raised in The Bronx via Harlem and currently reside in Atlanta, Ga. In December of 2018, after I was refused the store manager position at a well-known supermarket, I decided to start selling dinners on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturday's out of my home. Catering for weddings, birthdays, and serving and selling dinners for my church family, and becoming my Pastor's (Rev. Conitras Houston-Trinity AME Church Of Atlanta, Ga) Personal Caterer.
I was determined to sell dinners and continue to cater until God blessed me with my very own brick and mortar.

Atlanta has embraced this NY Girl in such a way that is so overwhelming at times. I owe much of my success to the Beauty Salons and the Barbershops in the Atlanta metro area. They have affectionately named me "Ms. Red Rice". I have fed the majority of the shops here and I want to personally thank everyone that contributed to the rise of the Red Rice Brand.

I Thank God that my Mother and Father can see their mothers' teachings come into fruition. This Is Only The Beginning!!